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  • What is Kefir?
    Keifr is a cultured fermented milk drink original from the mountainous regions that divide Asia and Europe. It is similar to yogurt, but a drink, with a tart sour taste, and a slight fizz. This is due to carbon dioxide the end product of the fermentation process. Kefir is a good source of calcium and is rich in probiotic bacteria with billions of good bacteria it has powerful health benefits to the gut and immune system.
  • Nutritional Benefits
    Full of calcium, protein and probiotics ‘friendly’ bacteria together with the added health benefits of goat milk that is a ‘natural functional food’. Probiotics can help ease IBS symptoms such as bloating and digestive upsets. The fermentation process also breaks down the lactose in the milk and there is some evidence that is can be tolerated by those who suffer from lactose intolerance ‘as with all things best to consult with your GP’. Kefir contains up to 50 strains of beneficial bacteria and yeast. Probiotics can help restore the balance in the gut thereby improving digestion. ‘Anyone with a compromised immune system should speak to their GP before taking probiotics’. A health microbiome is crucial for good health and Kefir is known to repopulate the guy with good bacteria. Kefir made the traditional way with grains if far more superior to the supermarket versions that are made with cultures.
  • Our Kefir
    Our Kefir is made in the traditional way using our goat milk from our own goat herd. The milk is gently pasteurised in our dairy and the grains added and left to ferment for a fantastic gut healthy drink. Our kefir is made in small batches to order so is always as fresh as possible and has a shelf life of 30 days (Kefir does not go off but just gets stronger and more acidic as time goes on). We have worked closely with Coleg Menai Food Technology centre in llangefni where we have completed extensive studies and testing of our Kefir to be able to collate our nutritional information. We like to sell our kefir as a 21 day course which consists of 4 bottle containing 900mls of Kefir, 170 mls a day is a recommended amount to start. They are in 1 Litre fully recycleable plastic bottles – only 900mls because we have to leave a little room for expansion of the fermented drink. Gently mix/blend the bottle before opening and open very carefully as the contents can fizz out just like champagne. The contents separate in the bottle – don’t worry this is perfectly normal just shake the bottle gently. If you find kefir is not to your taste, try it blended with fresh fruit or natural stevia to sweeten. We recommend a daily dose of 170ml, however some people may experience some detox symptoms. In this case reduce your dose to a single tablespoon and slowly build up to the full 170ml. Please do contact us 01352 810432 Or by email for guidance, we are always here to answer any questions. Our Kefir is also really good for your pets so why not share the benefits! We recommend a dose of 20mls for small domestic pets such as cats and dogs.
  • Is Kefir good for pets?
    Our Kefir is also really good for your pets so why not share the benefits! We recommend a dose of 20mls for small domestic pets such as cats and dogs.
  • How much does it cost?
    1 Bottle £10.95 4 Bottles £40.95 4 Bottles subscription every 21 days £38 .95 freepost Delivery is by DPD and is free of charge. As our kefir is made for you, in small batches to order, we aim to have your Kefir delivered to your door within 5 working days from ordering. If you would like to become a subscriber then a course of 4 bottles would be sent out to you every 21 days. Check with your GP if you are on any medication that could interact with probiotics. Kefir is a superfood/drink. There are many articles and studies that show this and it has become increasingly popular as research has found the amazing health benefits of the drink. Hope this information helps your choice. Good health to all! Iechyd Da I Pawb!
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