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We are the fourth generation to farm the land of Ffrith Mountain.

Our ‘family farm’ lies on the slopes of Moel Famau the highest summit of the Clwydian Range, an area of outstanding natural beauty in North East Wales.


After 50 years our dairy farm has now evolved from milking pedigree Holstein cows to milking our beautiful much loved herd of mischievous pedigree British Alpine Goats.


Over the years we have seen how probiotics (good bacteria) have benefited our young animals on the farm and how we have been able to reduce or avoid antibiotic use all together and so after reading many articles and studies about Kefir ‘The Miracle Drink’ fferm-Y Frith Goat Kefir was born.

Unlike other brands on the market we are very proud to say that our Kefir is hand made in small batches using our ‘own’ goats milk as we are passionate about provenance and can share our story with you from the very beginning – of caring for and milking our family of goats, gently pateurising the milk, fermenting with the grains in the traditional way to bottling and packaging – it is all done here on our farm!


Kefir is a cultured fermented milk drink original from the mountainous regions that divide Asia and Europe.


It is similar to yogurt, but a drink, with a tart sour taste, and a slight fizz. This is due to carbon dioxide the end product of the fermentation process.


Kefir is a good source of calcium and is rich in probiotic bacteria with billions of good bacteria it has powerful health benefits to the gut and immune system.


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  • Fferm Y Ffrith
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